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How to Choose Right Metal Detector?

Hobbyists and enthusiasts tend to stick to what they know, and are often very loyal to a particular brand or model. They may not even be familiar with newer products or technology on the market. So a recommendation, even from a long-time user, may not give you all the information …

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How a Metal Detector Works?

You may be a metal detecting enthusiast, even experienced detectors, and yet you don’t know exactly how your detector works. Well, it isn’t magic! There is real science in how they work, and its information that may be helpful to you in your hunting. This post will explain, in general, …

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MEGA SCAN PRO GOLD & METAL DETECTOR Right Way to Use the Device When Using Long Range System Mega Scan Pro gold and metal detector from Mega Locators Germany is the world’s best detector for various kinds of precious metals such as gold, silver, copper as well as gemstones and …

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EVO Gold Detector

EVO Gold Detector How to Use the Device Correctly EVO gold & METAL detector device specialized in detecting gold and buried treasures efficiently and accurately and comes at a great price in comparison with similar ground scanning devices which cost many times this price. EVO is a new generation of …

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Find Gold Nuggets in 4 Simple Steps

By using a dedicated metal detector specialized in gold nuggets detection – generally those devices is cheap and simple and easy to use, the prospector can search for natural gold underground. Here are 4 steps required for any successful gold detection: Step 1 – Prepare for Your Search The preparation …

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Where to Buy Gold Detectors & Metal Detectors

If you want to find gold coins or buried golden treasures or ancient relics, you need a metal detector to detect such as things. A metal detector is an electronic device designed especially to detect buried metallic objects underground with many built-in features to ease the process of metal detection. …

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