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Right Way to Use the Device When Using Long Range System

Mega Scan Pro gold and metal detector from Mega Locators Germany is the world’s best detector for various kinds of precious metals such as gold, silver, copper as well as gemstones and diamonds.

The device has proved its efficiency practically in different countries of the world based on the experiences of users and prospectors and treasure hunters of amateur and professional, the device best-selling by our company for three consecutive years.

The strength of the device is due to the existence of multiple search systems including the system long range locator system and magnetic system and the ionic scan system, which meets the needs of users.

The device is also easy to use thanks to its multi-language graphical interface and easy selection of search programs and settings adjustment.

But to ensure accurate results of the device’s detection of gold and treasures, you must know the right way to use, which we will explain in this article.

– The Correct Way to Use the Device When Using Long Range System:

We will explain in detail how to use Mega Scan Pro properly when using the long range locator system.

First the device is installed as follows:

  • Connect the antennas to the main unit of the device
  • Open antennas for maximum length
  • Adjust the antenna balance from the top of the antenna by rotating it right and left until the height is one between the two antennas.
  • Install signal boosting radar (parabolic antenna) in its socket.

You can watch the following video for the correct installation method:

Then we turn on the device by pressing the power button then:

  • After selecting the language from the languages menu we choose the Long Range Locator system from “System Mode” menu
  • After selecting Long Range Locator system, the list of search targets in the device will appear: The appropriate target is selected by pressing the Enter button
  • After selecting the target, the Program Download screen will appear

The search screen will appear and it will show the selected program and a graph that contains distances and depths values

You can select the distance and depth value by using arrow buttons on control panel

These steps are described in detail under the following video:

Determining the Location of Target Using Boxing Method

This method allows the user to locate the target accurately and better, and validate the target.

The box around the target can be completed with a distance of 200 cm from the target center.

When the user is in the same line with the target, the antennas turn into the target. If the target is real, the antennas must turn to the target of all four sides. Otherwise there is a possibility that the target is not real

Watch the following video for a practical preview of the Boxing Method:

How to Use Depth Measurement Unit

  • At the highest point of the target, enter the probes or wedges from the DEEP MASTER unit about 8 cm in the ground.
  • Select the program from search menu
  • Wait for  3- 4 minutes
  • Stand on the target and watch the antennas turn into one side, and this is the first point of reference.
  • After moving from the target point, you will notice that the antennas will gradually move forward, stop when the antennas turn back on one side, and this is the second point of reference.

The approximate depth of the target is the distance between the two signal points, and the slope of 45 degrees from the second point.

Note: Several depth measurements from different points are required to measure the target depth more accurately.

The following video explains how to use the depth measurement unit accurately:


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